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By Robert J. Clack

RUSSELL AND THE LINGUISTIC PHILOSOPHY I t is usually said that Bertrand Russell performed an important function within the so-called "revolution" that has taken position in 20th century Anglo-American philosophy, the revolution that has led many philo­ sophers nearly to equate philosophy with a few style - or forms - of linguistic research. His contributions to this revolution have been ­ fold: (I) including G. E. Moore he led the winning insurrection opposed to the neo-Hegelianism of Idealists corresponding to Bradley and McTaggert; (2) back with Moore he supplied a lot of the impetus for a a little progressive manner of doing philosophy. (I) and (2) are, in fact, shut­ ly comparable, because the new manner of philosophizing might be acknowledged to consti­ tute, largely, the insurrection opposed to Idealism. Be this because it may perhaps, how­ ever, the $64000 truth for current attention is that Russell used to be a tremendous effect in turning Anglo-American philosophy within the path it has as a result taken - towards what will be termed, particularly normal­ ly, the "linguistic philosophy. " regrettably, even though his significance as a precursor of the linguistic philosophy is recognized, the suitable feel during which Russell himself might be thought of a "philosopher of language" has no longer, to the current time, been sufficiently clarified. valuable beginnings were made towards an research of this question, yet they've been, withal, merely start­ nings, and not anything like an enough photo of Russell's total philoso­ phy of language is shortly available.

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